Hello everyone, wanted to share two new prints that are up today. The Mosport print was a lesson in dealing with a slightly more edgy typeface. It was a chore getting all the typography to jive in a happy manner. I really like how it finally turned out, since I was attempting to stay as true as possible to the current track’s branding.

Detroit, well, what can I say about Belle Isle? A street circuit in the middle of the Detroit River, in a once great automotive city. I love to see Detroit making good headlines, so I have been looking forward to this event on the USC calendar for some time. Hailing from the rust belt, there is something very comforting knowing that there are people at work attempting to breath life back into the Great Lake sentinels.

Check out the links below (or click on the images) to check them out in the store!

The Raceway on Belle Isle, in Detroit, Michigan.



And an icon of the motorsports community, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Mosport, in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada.